Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The past few days at Lambeth have been a blur. Friday night we heard a chilling (no pun intended) presentation on global climate change. It reminded us that the environment is a responsibilty to be addressed by the Church. That theme was carried out Saturday in Bible study and Indaba groups under the theme of "The Bishop and the Environment." We shared what is happening in our dioceses around environmental issues and what we as Christian leaders might do to further the cause of environmentalism in our own contexts.

The afternoon saw us arranging nearly 700 bishops for the official Lambeth photo; talk about herding cats! But even that was accomplished in due time, all on the warmest afternoon so far. The day came to a close with Evening Prayer led by our own Episcopal Church. One of the highlights was a choir of bishops and spouses who lead us in the singing. American gospel. It was wonderful.

Then Suzie and I were off to Canterbury to the Old Palace, the Archbishop's residence in Canterbury, for an evening garden party. A group of around 50 bishops and spouses enjoyed a pleasant evening of conversation. We were able to share with the Archbishop and Mrs. Williams some of the exciting things about the Diocese of Atlanta. The Archbishop is familiar with the academic world of Atlanta and spoke with great respect.

Then it was off to sleep to rest for Sunday in Canterbury.

God's good blessing to you all,

Bishop Keith

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