Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On our way!

Our bags are packed. We're ready to go. Lambeth here we come!

First stop will be one day in London where we will be the guests of St. Matthew's, Westminster. This will give us a day to deal with jet lag, get acclimated, and make some preparations that can only be accomplished when we get to the United Kingdom.

On Friday, we'll be on our way to the Diocese of Portsmouth in Southern England. Along with a number of other bishops and spouses from around the Anglican Communion (including Henry and Jan Louttit of the Diocese of Georgia!), we'll be the guests of Bishop Kenneth and Sarah Stevenson. I have known Bishop Stevenson for many years when we were both seminary liturgy professors. It will be good to see him again and trade "bishop stories" like we used to trade "professor stories."

On Sunday morning, I'll be preaching and presiding at St. Faith's Church on the coast. If you'd like to check out their website, it is www.stfaithslee.org. In the afternoon, there will be a diocesan-wide gathering to welcome folks from around the Communion.

Early in the week we'll be making our way to the University of Kent in Canterbury for the opening of the Lambeth Conference.

We're not sure we'll have email access while in Portsmouth, but once we arrive in Canterbury we hope to give you a daily update, some days from Bishop Whitmore, some days from me, and perhaps on some days some reflections from both of us.


Bishop Neil

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Allison Kennedy said...

I'm just looking forward to seeing Lynn's hat! :)
Prayers for you all,